Frequently Asked Questions

These commonly asked questions have come straight from previous participants in the Appalachian Mountain Photography Competition. We have compiled them for your convenience to make your experience as smooth as possible. Please review the FAQ before submitting a support ticket.

If you do submit a support ticket, please include any information requested that may have been specified in these FAQs. This can greatly speed up the process.

Hint: To quickly find the question you are looking for, try performing a search for a related term. For example, hold down the CTRL + F keys to bring up a search dialog box. Then type in the word you’re looking for that relates to your question (we suggest trying different versions including singular, plural, and synonyms.


Are file sizes restricted?

Only high quality images in JPG format with a maximum file size of 3mb will be accepted for judging. This may require down-sizing your initial submission using image editing software like Picasa or Adobe PhotoShop.

Images selected in preliminary judging will be included in the AMPC Exhibition and those selected artists will be responsible for providing a high quality, sharp print void of digital artifacting with minimum dimensions of 10″ on any one side. Individuals shooting in digital should use at least a 4 mega-pixel camera and shoot with low ISO. Read more about AMPC Entry Procedures and Guidelines.

How do I determine the file size of my image?

There are several methods common to most computers for determining your file size. First, using your mouse move the computer’s cursor over the file. Some computers will display an information box that includes the display size (pixels) and the file size (bytes, kb, or mb).

You may also open your photo in image editing software. Many programs will provide both the pixel dimension and file size on-screen with the displayed image. If you don’t see the information displayed, right-click (CTRL + click on a Mac) on your image and select “Properties” or “Attributes” and the information should be presented.

One last method is to find the image file on your computer and right click (CTRL + click on a Mac) and select “Properties.”

What are the minimum dimensions for images?

Images uploaded for consideration in preliminary judging should be no less than 800 pixels on their longest side, and have a minimum resolution of 72 dpi. Maximum dimensions can vary depending on several variables. The most important thing to keep in mind is to keep the image under 3MB.

I’m trying to upload an image but all it says is “loading please wait.” What’s wrong?

The most likely problem is that your file size is too large. Please review the size limitations and resize your photo. This should fix the problem.

How do I modify the text I submitted with my entry?

Someone with the AMPC support staff will have to assist you in this matter. Please submit a support ticket with your request. It will be helpful to know the following information:

  • Category your image is currently in
  • Title of your photograph
  • The exact text you would like your photo to have

How do I delete an entry entirely?

Currently at this time we do not have editing features available to registrants. We are still working on raising the necessary funds to make this improvement happen. In the meantime, please submit a support ticket with this request. Be sure to provide the necessary information such as:

  • Title of the photo to be deleted
  • Category the photo is currently in

Can I use a different version of a photo I have already uploaded?

Yes you can change your mind about which photo you would like to submit if you feel it necessary. Please keep in mind that requests like these tend to become difficult to manage the closer we get to deadline. In order to switch out your photo for a different image, or a slightly different version, please submit a support ticket. Be sure to include:

  • Title of the photo to be deleted
  • Category the photo is currently in
  • We also strongly recommend naming your new picture with a different file name to avoid further confusion by yourself or the AMPC staff.

Does a submission have to be within a certain time frame? I’m afraid my photograph may be too old or aged.

As long as the photos were taken within the last 5 years (from the current year of the competition) they are eligible.

Where do I find out more information about the competition, entry fees, and prizes?

Visit our home page for more competition info.

I purchased credits for one category, but I’ve decided I would like to have a credit apply to a different category. How do I do that?

Our current competition system doesn’t allow you to change where your credits apply. Please submit a support ticket and include the following:

  • # of credit(s) you would like to switch
  • What category the credit will be transferred FROM
  • What category the credit will be transferred TO

Remember! There is a limit of 3 credits per category.

I uploaded a photo into the wrong category. How do I get it into the right one?

Please submit a support ticket with this request. Be sure to include the following information:

  • Specify the category your image is currently in
  • Which category you want the image moved to
  • The title of your photograph

Remember! There is a limit of 3 credits per category.

What is your refund policy?

As stated in the Competition Rules the Appalachian Mountain Photography Competition does not give refunds. Consideration for special circumstances is up to the sole discretion of the Director and AMPC Staff. Please submit a support ticket to inquire about a refund.

A member of your support team fixed some things for me, but I don’t see the changes. How do I make the requested changes appear?

Try logging out of the registration system and then log back in. This should fix the problem.

I’m with the media and would like more information. Where should I go?

Please visit the AMPC Media Page for all Press Releases, logos, images, and contact information.

What category should I enter my image in?

Our judges will look for those images that best communicate the theme of the category they are entered in. From time-to-time, our judges will re-categorize a strong image that they feel is better suited for a different category. Read more about the category descriptions.