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AMPC Lunch and Learn at the Turchin Center

Community members and a Crossnore School photography class attended the annual Appalachian Mountain Photography Competition Lunch and Learn on Wednesday, March 16 at the Turchin Center for the Visual Arts. Brook Bower, Assistant Curator and Competition Director Andrew Miller spoke about the role AMPC plays as part of a greater celebration of mountain life.

ASU Outdoor ProgramsThe Appalachian Mountain Photography Competition is part of a trio of programs coordinated by Outdoor Programs that celebrate our unique mountain culture each spring. April 1st and 2nd will mark the 15th annual screening of the Banff Mountain film festival in Boone to one of the largest audiences on the North American tour. Each year, the festival features the world’s best films on mountain adventure, culture, and the environment selected from hundreds of entries submitted from around the world. We choose screenings designed to educate, entertain, and inspire the high country audience.

Outdoor Programs is also excited to introduce the Appalachian Adventure Achievement Award (A4). Our goal is to inspire youth to adopt a healthy, and active outdoor lifestyle and to celebrate young people in our community and who inspire others through their active, healthy, and adventurous lives.

This years judges then lead the group through the exhibition answering questions and sharing their experience in selecting the 46 finalists from among all entries. “The goal of the AMPC is to give people an active way to connect with the themes of mountain culture, environment, and sport that are highlighted in our annual screenings of the Banff Mountain Film Festival”, says Andrew Miller, Competition Director and Outdoor Programs Coordinator. “To have this additional opportunity to share AMPC with the community is just icing on the cake.”

Outdoor Programs To Present 1st Annual A4 Award

Appalachian State University’s Outdoor Programs is seeking your help in identifying the High Country’s role models and young mountain sports stars. These young men and women will be recognized through the first ever A4 inititiative – Appalachian Adventure Achievement Award. Honors will include recognition on stage at the Banff Mountain Film Festivals, and a selection of prizes made possible by project sponsors.

There are two age categories for the A4: 17 and under, and 18-24 years old. Nominees must either reside or attend school in the High Country of NC (Watauga, Ashe, and Avery counties) to be eligible. Nominations can be submitted for individuals in successive years, but a nominee can only receive the A4 once for their age category. The April 1 screening of Banff will recognize the 17 and under A4 winner, while the April 2 screening will honor the 18-24 year-old A4 winner.

15th Annual Banff Mountain Film Festival

ASU Outdoor ProgramsOutdoor Programs is bringing the 15th Annual Banff Mountain Film Festival back to Boone for the “best of the festival” world tour Friday and Saturday, April 1-2, 2011. The films will be screened at Farthing Auditorium on the campus of Appalachian State University.

These films focus on themes of environment, culture, and adventure in the mountains and represent the best of the best. Hundreds of entries were submitted from around the world, and Outdoor Programs has selected films for this viewing that will not only educate, but will also inspire and entertain.

Online ticket sales for Banff can be purchased through Farthing Auditorium, or if you’re in downtown Boone, NC, you can pick up your tickets at Footsloggers Outdoor and Travel Outfitters. Tickets are $9 (students can grab tickets at $7).

Check out the Banff Mountain Film Festival trailer for 2010-2011:

For more information on the Banff Mountain film festival and to see clips of other films available for viewing, please visit their website.

7th Annual AMPC Has Begun!

The time is upon us once again to gear up for the Annual Appalachian Mountain Photography Competition. Each year we see a tremendous amount of growth in participation and interest, and the competition gets tougher and tougher with each click of the lens.

Our rotating Blue Ridge Parkway Journey category this year will be Picnicking on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Definitely a favorite pastime of Parkway travelers, the AMPC staff is anxious to see what kind of submissions this category will bring to the table.

Appalachian Voices

We’re also excited about a new sponsor for this year’s competition: Appalachian Voices, a group that organizes people to solve environmental problems affecting the central and southern Appalachian Mountains. With this new sponsorship comes a change to what was formerly known as the “Environment” category.

Forest Ghosts (Daniel Burleson), 7th Annual AMPC Finalist - Environment
Forest Ghosts (Daniel Burleson), 7th Annual AMPC Finalist – Environment. This image was taken along the Bynum Bluff trail in the Linville Gorge. I wanted to show just how destructive a non-native insect can be to an entire tree species. The Hemlock Wooly Adelgid, native to Asia where the hemlocks are immune to it, feeds on the sap of hemlock trees. The adelgid was accidentally introduced to the US in 1924, the first spotting of it in the southeast was in 1951. Since then it has infested nearly all Appalachian hemlock stands south of Virginia in just a decade.

As a category, Our Ecological Footprint will be about imagery documenting environmental concerns in Central and Southern Appalachia. The threats to this region are real, so if you’re feeling inspired by this category, check out the Appalachian Voices website for more information on ecological concerns in the area. We really look forward to seeing the statements made with these images.

A comprehensive FAQ has been created as a way to help registrants with the registration and upload process, as well as other generic questions. Questions related to technical and registration issues should be covered, but we are always open to your ideas and suggestions. Please leave a comment on the blog, or submit a support ticket with your suggestion.

I have a feeling that this year will once again top the previous, and I encourage all of you to break out of your shell, take risks, and leave fear at the door. This may be a “regional” competition, but the photographers entering are not all from this area. Last year we saw the first international submissions! The greatest thing about this competition is seeing how all of you push each other to reach the next level – amateurs and professionals alike. Make us proud!