16th Annual Finalists

This gallery features the 16th Annual Appalachian Mountain Photography Competition finalists. There were nearly 1,000 entries received for the 16th Annual AMPC, and only 51  images were selected as finalists.


Imagery depicting mountain sports such as climbing, kayaking, mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, etc.

Photographer Title
Cole Siemasko “Relaxing Sunrise”
Donnie Peake “Flash Flood Hideaway”
Lynn Willis “Night Flight”
Mary Presson Roberts “Gliding Through Morning”
Taylor Pike “Swimming through Raining Choss”
Tom Moors “Camping Under the Stars”
Tom Moors “Hanging Out On Top of Table Rock”
Tom Moors “Swimming Hole”
Tommy Penick “Big Creek Church”

Blue Ridge Parkway – “It’s in the Details”

Rotating Theme: It’s easy to be awestruck by the expansiveness of the Blue Ridge Parkway and its accompanying long-range vistas. This year we ask that photographers share photos of the smaller details that often go unnoticed.

Photographer Title
Brian Osborne “Fog in the Valley”
Charles Johnson “Appalachian Spring a la Monet”
Greg Dollyhite “Streaming Sunlight-Crabtree Falls”
James “Carl” Compton “Linville Falls”
Jim Magruder “Snow Drift Detail”
Justin Richardson “Duggers Rays”
Kevin Balling “Lone Hiker at Lump Overlook”
Kevin Balling “Bench with Roots”
Robert Stephens “Craggy Pinnacle Stone Work”
Skip Sickler “The Linn Cove Viaduct”


Imagery depicting the people, their customs, traditions, architecture and ways of life unique to the Southern Appalachian region.

Photographer Title
Brady Linkous “Mountain Rodeo”
Jeromie Stephens “Billy Brown – Jimmy Martin fan, Parsons, West Virginia, 2017”
Jeromie Stephens “Bluegrass music fan #2, shading her eyes from the bright afternoon Sun. Parsons, West Virginia, 2018”
Jeromie Stephens “Jamie Sparks, banjo player for The Bluegrass Brothers. Parsons, West Virginia 2018”
Jeromie Stephens “Rappahannock River Baptism, Falmouth, Virginia, 2017”
Kelly Clampitt “Three Top Mountain Buckaroo”
Kevin Balling “Street Fiddler”
Loretta Womack “Blacksmith at Work”
Rob Wilkins “LAAFF Festival Asheville”
Steven Tweed “Whiterock Hospital”

Our Ecological Footprint

Imagery documenting environmental concerns in Central and Southern Appalachia. Photographers are encouraged to capture an image that represents our ecological footprint in a creative and poignant way, and should include a paragraph explaining where the image was taken and the environmental impact you are illustrating.

Photographer Title
Grace Hill “Flooded River Garbage”
Jim Magruder “Large Scale Graffiti”
Lynn Willis “Table Rock Fire 1”
Rick Craig “Industrial Abandonment”
Skip Sickler “Wilson’s Creek Wild and Scenic River”
Tuula Villavaso “Chimney Tops”

Flora and Fauna

Imagery of plants and animals common to the Southern Appalachians.

Photographer Title
Cole Siemasko “A Horse’s Snowday”
Frederica Georgia “Lena & Grace”
Heather Cormons “Fallen Rhododendron Flower”
John Rabb “Into the Night”
Kevin Balling “American Beech Tree Leaves”
Mary Presson Roberts “Fall Ripples”
Nathan Farber “Rhododendron Tunnel”
Ron Santini “Millipede”


Scenic imagery capturing the rich diversity and natural beauty of the Southern Appalachian region.

Photographer Title
Andi Gelsthorpe “Frozen Creek Bed”
Barry Vangrov “Sunrise At Mill Creek Lake”
Jim Ruff “Winter on Roan”
Ken Barrett “Beauty of Wilson Creek”
Mark Roberts “Yellowstone Prong by the Cresent Moon”
Terri Campbell “On The Underside”
Tom Moors “A Glowing Poinsett Bridge”
Tom Moors “A Glow From Above and Below”