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6th Annual AMPC Has Begun!

It’s the moment everyone has been waiting for. Trails will be trampled, new roads will be driven, new treasures will be discovered, and dogs will have a chance to pose on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Yep, even dogs will have their day for this year’s competition!

Anodyne’s Affection (Andi Gelsthorpe)
Anodyne’s Affection (Andi Gelsthorpe)

One of the newest features for the 6th Annual AMPC is that the Share the Journey® category will rotate and feature a new theme every year. This year’s theme is Dogs on the Parkway. Stock up on your flea shampoo and practice your brushing skills!

Another important change is that, for the first time in the competition’s history, only digital submissions will be accepted. More importantly, the competition now has its own permanent home in cyberspace at

Still here? What are you waiting for? Get registered already!

6th Annual AMPC Parkway Journey Category Theme: Dogs On The Parkway

“Dogs on the Parkway” will be a focus of the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation’s component of the Appalachian Mountain Photography Competition this year. Being one of the most popular categories of the competition, the Blue Ridge Parkway Journey® category will be a rotating category featuring a different theme each year.

Floppy Ears (Scott Brown)
Floppy Ears (Scott Brown)


“Dog owners love their dogs,” states Houck Medford, executive director of the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation. “It is part of the Parkway journey!” It seemed only fitting that we make this the theme for the Blue Ridge Parkway Journey category. Entries will be judged on impact, lighting, composition, and effectively conveying the idea of traveling, hiking, motorcycling, or whatever Parkway activity with your dog. Posed or studio photographs will be disqualified. (Also, make sure that your favorite photo shows your dog on a leash if out of the vehicle . . . ahem, newly enforced regulations! Ouch, the fines hurt!)

Registration for the 6th Annual Appalachian Mountain Photography Competition is scheduled to begin toward the end of September of 2008. Start gathering your camera gear and get those ideas churning!

5th Annual AMPC Winners Announced

Organizers of the Appalachian Mountain Photography Competition today announced the winners of its 5th Annual competition.

Dale King and his image Solitary Cloud entered in the Blue Ridge Parkway Vistas category took top honors, receiving Best In Show.  Category Winners acknowledge the top image in each of the seven competition categories and will receive Mast General Store prize packages with a retail value of $275.

Solitary Cloud (Dale King), 5th Annual AMPC Best In Show - Overall
Solitary Cloud (Dale King), 5th Annual AMPC Best In Show – Overall

This year marked the largest participation in the People’s Choice Award sponsored by Footsloggers Outdoor and Travel Outfitters with more than 1,100 individually registered voters casting nearly 2,400 total votes.  In the end Scott Hotaling and his image Mountain Calm will take home the $350 cash prize.

Mountain Calm (Scott Hotaling), 5th Annual AMPC People's Choic Award
Mountain Calm (Scott Hotaling), 5th Annual AMPC People’s Choic Award

5th Annual AMPC Winners List

Best in Show – Overall Solitary Cloud by Dale King
People’s Choice Award Mountain Calm by Scott Hotaling

Category Winners

Adventure Stone Mountain Climbers by Patrick Pitzer
Blue Ridge Parkway Journey Beneath the Viaduct by Colby Rabon
Blue Ridge Parkway Vistas Rough Ridge 360 by Rick Rapfogel
Culture Dave Duke Sorts Tobacco by Robert & Shiiko Alexander
Environment Venus by Brad Douglas
Flora & Fauna Hosta 800 by Pat Pilchard
Landscape Rainy Woods by Rick Rapfogel

Special Mention Honors

Judges were also asked to identify images of distinction and merit to receive Special Mention honors and an additional ten photographers have been recognized.

Adventure Meadow Nap by Heidi Hatcher
Blue Ridge Parkway Vistas Valley Farm by Tommy Shine
Blue Ridge Parkway Vistas Bird’s Eye View by Dale Forrest
Culture French Swiss Ski Rental by Roger Bodo
Culture Neal’s Grocery by Robert and Shiiko Alexander
Environment Pumping Station by Kerry Puckett
Flora & Fauna Brook Trout by Scott Brown
Landscape Sunrise After Ice Storm by Bob Peterson
Landscape Elk Mountain by Charles King
Landscape Angry Morning by Neal Auspitz

5th Annual AMPC Winners Gallery

All forty-six images selected for the 5th Annual exhibition will remain on display in the Mezzanine Gallery of the Turchin Center for the Visual Arts through June 7.   This summer the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation will take select images on the road to community and art centers along the Blue Ridge Parkway corridor.

The Appalachian Mountain Photography Competition is a partnership between Outdoor Programs, the Turchin Center for the Visual Arts at Appalachian State University, and the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation.  Support for AMPC is provided by Footsloggers Outdoor and Travel Outfitters, Bistro Roca Inventive American Cuisine, Peabody’s Merchants of Fine Beer and Wine, Mast General Store, and

For press & media resource information, please visit our press room.

5th Annual AMPC Finalists Announced

Thanks to everyone who submitted to the 5th Annual Appalachian Mountain Photography Competition. Forty-six images have been selected for exhibition from the more than 860 submitted. Photographers whose works have been selected for exhibition have been notified.

Swallowtail on Joe Pye (Bob Peterson), 5th Annual AMPC Finalist - Flora & Fauna
Swallowtail on Joe Pye (Bob Peterson), 5th Annual AMPC Finalist – Flora & Fauna

Beginning with a public reception on Friday, March 7, 2008 and running through June 7, 2008, this year’s selected images will be available for viewing in the Mezzanine Gallery of the Turchin Center for the Visual Arts on the campus of Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina. Images selected for exhibition will also be available for viewing via the Internet and the public is invited to vote for their favorite images as part of the People’s Choice Award sponsored by Footsloggers Outdoor and Travel Outfitters. We will make an announcement in this blog when the voting procedures are posted.

5th Annual AMPC Finalists List

You can find the 5th Annual AMPC Finalists photos in our archives.

John Nichols “Frosty Early Morning Hike”
Heidi Hatcher (2) “Meadow Nap” &
“Backpacker’s Silhouette”
Lynn Willis (2) “Paraglider flies over western Watauga County, NC.” &
“Catch of the day!”
Patrick Pitzer “Stone Mountain Climbers”
Blue Ridge Parkway Share the Journey®
John Nichols “Relaxing on a Southern Appalachian Evening”
Terry Young “Touring Doughton Park”
Bob Peterson “Back In time”
Jamie Belongea “Boys on the Blue Ridge”
Colby Rabon “Beneath the Viaduct”
Andre Masson “Biltmore Winter”
Blue Ridge Parkway Vistas
Dale Forrest “A Bird’s Eye View”
Scott Hotaling “Mountain Calm”
Tommy Stine “Valley Farm”
Robert Sterling Gingher “Trestle Bridge”
Rick Rapfogel “Rough Ridge 360”
Jessica Maceda “Glee Gloom”
Dale King “Solitary Cloud”
Steven Gold “Preparing Food for the Family”
Roger W. Bodo “French Swiss Ski Rental Building Fire Last Remains”
Mary Jo Brezny “Hewitt Barn”
Ian Riley “School Days”
Jamie Goodman “Avery A&H Fair, September 2006”
Robert and Shiiko Alexander (2) “Dave Dukes Sorts Tobacco Leaves” &
“Neal’s Grocery”
Brad Douglass “Venus”
Kerry Puckett “Pumping Station, Little Tennessee River, June 2006”
Robert Vance “Dew”
Deborah Burchett “Hard Times”
Jessica Maceda “F A N T A S I A”
Charles King “River of Cows”
Flora and Fauna
Liezel D’souza “American Goldfinch”
Pat Pilchard “Hosta 800”
Bob Peterson “Swallowtail on Joe Pye”
Bill McClung “A Spooky Tree on Mount Mitchell”
James M. Davidson “Queen Anne’s Lace”
Joanne Senkus “Katydid”
Scott Brown “brook trout”
Bob Peterson “Sunrise after Ice Storm”
Lynn Willis “Sunset on fall colors, Table Rock, Linville Gorge.”
Rick Rapfogel “Rainy Woods”
Lynne Townsend “Frozen Hillscape”
Neal Auspitz “Angry Morning”
Patrick Pitzer “Cleo’s View”
Charles King “Elk Mountain”

A huge round of applause and congratulations for this year’s winners of the Appalachian Mountain Photography Competition!  Virtual Blue Ridge will be posting a gallery of this year’s winners soon.  Thanks again to all of you for participating in this year’s competition.  After seeing the stiff competition from this year, we look forward to next year more and more.

The 5th Annual Appalachian Mountain Photography Competition is a service of Outdoor Programs at Appalachian State University and serves to subsidize students participating in Student Outdoor Learning Expeditions (SOLE trips). SOLE trips are 21 to 55 day educational journeys of discovery to remote and exciting destinations including New Zealand, Fiji, Wales, and Alaska. Outdoor Programs has been offering human-powered, adventure-based programs to the students, faculty and staff of ASU for more than thirty-five years.

5th Annual AMPC Judges Announced

The 5th Annual Appalachian Photography Competition judges were announced today. Below is information about each of the three judges selected by the competition directors.

Banister Pope

Describing himself as “an extra-large, middle-aged, bearded-american studio artist and photographer,” he brings a lot of experience and creative eye to the table for this year’s contest. His imagery captures the whimsy of our most ordinary surroundings.

Heather McClintock

“Acknowledging a growing discontent with her studio pursuits and seeking a deeper connection to documenting the commonalities of our existence, along with a deepening desire to pursue humanitarian work and simply to get a little dirty again . . . .” Heather McClintock has had work exhibited all over the globe and is sure to bring a worldly view to the AMPC.

Pac McLaurin

“I learned a little bit about photography in my career which related to medical imaging, and then by my own self teaching and going to workshops. I have learned the most from the students I teach and I thank each of them.” Pac currently teaches photography at Appalachian State University where he has lead several student workshops overseas for “endless photographic opportunity.” Pac is an inspiration to the amateur, and proof positive that practice really can go a long way.