14th Annual AMPC Winners Announced

14th-annual-ampc-logo-title-onlyOrganizers of the Appalachian Mountain Photography Competition  have announced the winners of the 14th annual competition.

Cathy Anderson  and the  image South Mountain Wildfire (below) took top honors, receiving the designation of Best in Show. Anderson  will take home a cash award of $1,000 furnished through competition proceeds.

"South Mountain Wildfire" by Cathy Anderson
“South Mountain Wildfire” by Cathy Anderson

Robert Stephens’ image An Entrance to Winter (below)  is the public’s pick in this year’s Footsloggers’ People’s Choice Award and will receive $350 cash award furnished by Footsloggers Outdoor and Travel Outfitters.

"An Entrance To Winter" by Robert Stephens
“An Entrance To Winter” by Robert Stephens


14th Annual Winners List

In the table below, we have listed all the winners for top honors, categories, and special mentions.

14th Annual Best In Show South Mountain Wildfire
by  Cathy Anderson
14th Annual People’s Choice Award An Entrance to Winter
by  Robert Stephens

AMPC Category Winners

$250 gift certificate from Mast General Store
Boardwalk in the Fog
by Lynn Willis
Blue Ridge Parkway – A Place to Play
$250 award from the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation and a $250 gift certificate from Mast General Store
Summer Days
by  Ryan Davis
$250 gift certificate from Mast General Store
Granny’s Got a Gun
by  Candice Corbin
Our Ecological Footprint
$250 award from Appalachian Voices and a $250 gift certificate from Mast General Store
Top Burden Valley Fill
by  Lynn Willis
Flora & Fauna
$250 gift certificate from Mast General Store
Eternal Beauty
by  Ronald Kevin Combs
$250 gift certificate from Mast General Store
An Entrance to Winter
by  Robert Stephens

Honorable Mention

Three additional photographers have been recognized as having images of  distinction and merit and received Special Mention Honors from the judges.

Adventure Gone Huntin’
by  Candice Corbin
Culture Taxidermy
by  Candice Corbin
Culture Cherokee Indian
by Byron

14th Annual Winners Gallery

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